Rudy the Reindeer


You can use Rudy’s antlers to hang other ornaments, or you could use him as a festive jewelry stand. Rudy comes with a removable stand so he can be stored flat, or, if you’d like him to be more stable, then use a little glue and he’ll stand forever. You also could ignore the stand portion and put a command strip on Rudy and hang him on any wall.
This decoration is also not made of plywood. This is made of an exotic wood called Yellowheart. Yellowheart brings creativity and inspiration into a home.
Decoration size:
10.55 inches tall (not counting removable base, 10.7 with base)
7.87 inches wide
0.125 inches thick (1/8 inch)
Base measurements:
7.87 inches wide
1.96 inches tall
0.25 inches thick (1/4 inch)

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