The Eye of the Tiger Pendant


If you have the Eye of the Tiger streaming through your head you really may be destined to wear this lovely pendant. This Tigers Eye gem is lively and light dances off it like a good boxer in the ring. The cherry wood is beautiful and it’s also often linked to new beginnings and rebirth. Tigers Eye brings out courage but offers protection and power.

1.77 inches round 45mm
0.125 inches thick 3.175mm
6.85 Carats of Natural Tigers Eye
I see this Cherry Wood as just slightly lighter than the pictures portray but not by much. It’s a lovely shade. Every Device does portray color and tone a little different. So you may see it different than I am.

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Solid Cherry wood in two layers to encase the natural Tigers Eye gem.

Beeswax and Orange oil coating to protect the wood.


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