Forget Me Not Daisy With Natural Sapphire

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Love Me or Love Me Not? This Flower will make you fall in love. I’m sure most of us have played or at least seen someone plucking the petals off a flower as we dream of our crush. This pendant will keep those hopeful feelings close to your heart.
The flower is beautiful cherry wood coated with beeswax protection. In the heart of the flower is a natural blue sapphire that is breathtaking. The 3.55 carats of clear bright blue draw the eye as it flashes.
1.32 inches wide
2.15 inches tall
0.27 inches thick
This Is a 100% Natural Sapphire, but has been heat treated to enrich the color.
I see the pictures looking just a touch darker than the wood in person. Cherry wood is a light red, light brown wood and the beeswax darkens it just a touch. Every device displays color and tone slightly different. So, you may see this in person and think it was darker or lighter.

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