Lucky Day Malachite and Aventurine Dangling Earrings

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Ready for your luck to change?
These amazing Malachite and Aventurine earrings are designed to help bring you success and better your luck. Malachite is such a unique and amazing stone-nothing else natural looks like this gem. The stones are encased in lovely Basswood with three 4 leaf clovers adorning each.
There are 7 links of stainless steel chain to give the dangle length and swinging style. Then using silvered copper wire there is the lovely Aventurine beads at the peak of each. There is stainless steel French hooks that will secure these to your ears.
Basswood is known to bring health, luck, truth and love. Malachite is known to bring positive changes into your life and luck. Aventurine is known to draw in luck and money. Copper is known to bring energy, change and protection. Steel represents protection, perseverance and strength.
I love these earrings and if they don’t sell by March I will claim them for myself.

wooden area 1.6 inches tall 40mm
0.95 inches wide 24mm
26.7 carats of Malachite combined
1 carat of Aventurine combined
aprx 1 inch of stainless steel 0.75 inch of copper wire

Basswood is a very light color, nearly grain free wood. The pictures look pretty close to what I see in person. Every device portrays color/ tone slightly different. You may see it slight differences in person.

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