Pentacle Earrings and Pendant in Cherry

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The pentagram is such a misunderstood symbol. Movies and alarmist will be quick to say that it is a Satanic symbol and evil. Any significant research reveals that is a falsehood and gross misrepresentation. It is a pagan symbol, yes. It is a symbol of protection, power and life. The 5 points have been given various meanings throughout history-a history more than 3500 years passed.

They can be elements, senses, planets or even individual assigned meanings.

The arrangement of the star, point up vs point down is the difference between positive or negative uses and meaning.

Even Christians used pentagrams to represent the stab wounds of Christ.

This set is made from pure Cherry wood.

Earrings 1.37 inches wide and tall
Pendant 1.89 inches wide and tall
both 1/8 inch thick.

Both have stainless steel. The earrings are kidney hooks and the pendant is a jump ring bail.

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